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Where we came out the real ideas

Real Idea is about realizing your ideas, enjoy our self made video explain how we create ideas and make them become true.


Realizing your products, services, and ideas through Localization, and Internationalization.


Real Idea assists industry-leading companies to profitably enter global markets – in ways never before.

Real Idea supports localization over 80 languagess worldwide. We offer our top-notch linguistic, engineering, commercial and management services to clients throughout Asia, Europe, and the United States.

From our years of experience working with customers from various cultural backgrounds, our well-tuned cultural sensitivity enables us to help you truly connect to your customers from around the world, through our Software Engineering expertise, Desktop Publishing experience, QA Testing methods, Translation skills, and now, Commercials Design, Graphics Design, Animation and Motion Design.

Over the course of every project, Real Idea provides maximum protection of your intellectual property and offers single-point-of-contact project management for unsurpassed efficiency and convenience. We base our solutions on industry standard technologies, methodologies, and best practices. As a result, our clients enjoy simultaneous release of projects, shorter cycle time, and lower costs.

We can help you achieve REAL marketing success through our services and processes in Localization, Internationalization.

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Real Idea is about realizing your ideas. Find out more and download the digital version now!

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Our wide range of customizable services includes:


Multilingual translation & review

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Graphics localization/translation

Online Documentation Compilation

Marketing Translations


Linguistic QA Testing



Hardware Testing

Software Testing

Technical Writing





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