Multimedia Content Development

As a pioneer and expert in multimedia sector, Real Idea taps into multimedia content development and aims to deliver industry best multimedia experience to the worldwide clients and audience.
Over a decade, Real Idea has built a solid foundation in multimedia localization and advertising + branding service. Carrying on that incomparable experience and in-depth industry insights, we provide professional solutions to:

  • Global Learning content development
  • Global marketing creative video/animation
  • Corporate video
  • Website optimization
  • Content hosting and management
  • Multimedia solution consultancy


Introducing E-Learning Solution

E-Learning materials should be developed to be as acceptable and understandable for the global audience as possible. Our developers work hard to tailor the courses to the specific situation of the audience.

At Real Idea, we provide the top quality e-Learning creation and localization solution as one single integrated package for your e-Learning strategy in over 80 languages. We focus on the adaptation of industry proven e-Learning process and online training materials to each target market's language, cultural expectations as well as legal requirements.

We make sure that your e-Learning courses reach your audience wherever they are!

Being skilled at industry 40+ learning dev tools and with extensive globalization experience over the decade, our team is particularly competitive. We also focus well on the localizability design of any course throughout the project dev lifecycle, and this in return streamlines “Dev + L10N”  process, saves localization costs and shortens the localization span, and hence making it faster for you to deploy global learning in a sim-ship manner.

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