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Real Idea provides technology advanced localization tools

In Real Idea, all repetitive jobs are done by automation tools. To boost the development of the whole localization industry and to increase Real Idea's brand recognition, we will release some new tools every month. If you want a customized tool, we are also happy to provide such services.

All the tools listed below are developed by Real Idea. Please feel free to pick up the ones you are interested. Plus, after you successful make the payment, we will provide free technical support.

Tool List


Target RC files generated with Passolo could contain modified style control characters. The tool helps to verify whether the target is consistent with the source.

Price: 60 $


Target RESX files created with Passolo may change the file structure. To avoid this problem, use the tool to generate such files.

Price: 80 $


Locks duplicated translation units to ensure translation consistency, and to reduce translation costs. (Version 2007, 2010)

Price: 300 $


Tool for .srt scripts. Certain .srt files may contain irregular line breaks which may cause problems if directly being used during TEP. The tool creates a standard xml file for TEP and converts back.

Price: 100 $


Checks whether syntax errors exist in the .idml file. Errors that occur in .idml files directly translated with Trados 2009 which may prevent InDesign from handling the file correctly.

Price: 200 $


Checks audio files for unnecessary markers to ensure that Articulate Storyline can process the files correctly.

Price: 300 $


Customized tool for Partner Central projects: Generates a list of web page screenshots for LQA according to the folder list.

Price: 300 $


Locks corresponding content based on specific xml tag attributes, and ensures that the attribute tag in .ttx are not in Translate state.

Price: 200 $





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